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There's a reason why cases of flood light bulbs are on clearance at your local hardware store, it's because the future of home lighting has arrived.  Schedule a free consultation today!

Integrated LED Interior Lighting

Thinking about going solar?  Already drive a Tesla?  Well now there's another great way to save money (and the environment), it's called Integrated LED.  Gone are the days of wasteful incandescent bulbs, obtuse CFL bulbs and cold LED light - the new generation of Integrated (no bulbs) LED fixtures turn on instantly and are bright, warm, dimmable and super energy efficient. Even more impressive - they last 50,000+ hours... that's roughly 43 years!  Let us come swap out your ceiling light fixtures (recessed and flush-mount) to Integrated LED and you'll likely never have to change a light bulb again.  

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Safety & Convenience

It seems like every couple of months you're having to bring out the ladder to change a bulb when you have bulb-based light fixtures.  It's not only a nuisance, but climbing up and down ladders is a safety hazard as well.  Let us upgrade your home to extremely long-lasting Integrated LED light fixtures today and eliminate the need to ever climb a ladder to change a light bulb (or clean up the mess of a broken one) again.

Save Money, Minimize Waste 

Not so many years ago, many of us traded performance for efficiently when swapping our incandescent/halogen bulbs for CFL "twist" bulbs... no good deed goes unpunished, right?  Well now you can have both performance AND efficiency.  Advanced Integrated LED light fixtures are 8 times more efficient than traditional bulbs and 50% more efficient than CFL "twist" bulbs.  In fact, compared with traditional light bulbs, switching to Integrated LED fixtures will save approximately $285 per fixture over the 50,000 hour lifespan of the product!  

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"Wow what a difference!  I was excited that the new lights would be super energy efficient, but when we turned them on the first time the light was instantly so bright and clean.  It really makes a difference.  The dimmers are really cool too."  - Andrea B.

An Investment In The Future

The easiest part of the decision to retrofit your home's light fixtures is the savings.  Not only savings in terms of reduced energy consumption and not changing light bulbs anymore, but also savings on your electric bill. With an estimated savings of up to $285 per light fixture over the 40+ year lifespan of the product... the reduction of energy consumption will be impressive.  And you will also save money on home cooling costs because Integrated LED generates very little heat.  With a cost as low as $40 per fixture installed - it makes the decision to upgrade today an easy one.

Get It Done Right 

Choosing Mueller Highlife to come refresh your home lighting is smart choice for several reasons.  First, we have the right tools, techniques and experience to ensure optimal installation.  Second, we will properly dispose of your old bulbs and fixtures (non-working CFL's to hazardous disposal site, usable CFL's to Habitat For Humanity, etc).  And third, in a sea of lighting choices we test and narrow down the options to the cleanest, longest-lasting, highest performing options available.  This is especially important when you add dimmers (for added convenience and control of your lighting experience) because improperly matched and/or untested products will often times result in a "humming" noise when dimmed. Mueller Highlife will make sure it gets done right with the right products the first time, and we can typically convert your whole house in single day.

Make Your Home Sparkle 

LEDs have long been known as a super bright, super efficient lighting solution, but in the past they earned a reputation of being  expensive and casting a cold, bluish light.  Times have changed.  Today's Integrated LED fixtures use advanced filters to cast warm, accurate, super efficient light - and are now surprisingly affordable.  Your home d├ęcor will thank you!